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Edu1st Menu

Our Team

Ana Maria Fernandez


CEO & President - Education First inc.

Ana Maria Fernandez, has a BS in Early childhood Education and a M.Ed.  on International and Overseas School Administration. She has worked in education for 18 years; founded CGB, The British School, int’l school in Colombia, following the British National Curriculum with the IB Diploma

For the past 11 years she has lead a group of 65 early childhood educators on the implementation and creation of a culture of thinking in five preschools in Broward County and 2 in Colombia.

Ana Maria has dedicated her work to improve early childhood education through the design and implementation of the Thinking Based Education approach used from early childhood on.  Model designed by her, that is the result of a synergy of her own view of education with the latest methodologies of education for the 21st Century, among which are the Visible Thinking approach from Harvard University, The Theory of Constraint, the De Bono’s Lateral and Parallel Thinking strategies, Art Costa’s Habits of Mind, and Philosophy for Children approach among others.

She is a certified trainer for the De Bono Group on Six Thinking Hats and parallel Thinking. Has attended PZC at Harvard University and has served as an observer for WIDE World Spanish online courses.

She has presented her work in various international conferences, including the International Conference on Thinking ICOT held in 2009 in Malaysia, the 2010 and 2011 ASCD National conferences, 3 LAHC Latin American Heads Conferences, GISA annual conference in 2010 in Atlanta , and Learning and the Brain annual conference in Boston in November 2010. She presented at the LAHC conference in Lima last May 2011 and present 3 topics at the International Conference of Thinking to be held in Belfast in 2011.

Ana Maria also works as a consultant for schools and organizations interested in creating cultures of learning in their teams and leads various action researches at her schools.


Gilberto Pinzon

Gilberto Pinzon

Vice president - Education First Inc.

Gilberto successfully set up and operated his own Education Service business in USA. He has designed and implemented the strategy for the Company’s expansion. He has led the organization to a 25% growth per year which positioned Education First Inc. as the 43rd fastest growing educational organization in the United Estates during the decade 2000-2010.

Gilberto is an international certified trainer on "the six thinking hats" by the DeBono group USA and he is an interantional presenter and speaker in conferences and workshops around the world.

Gilberto is a Business Development Consultant. He specializes in teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals to leverage the power of strategic thinking and rapidly increase their profits.

  • Masters in Business Administration AIU Florida
  • Working Languages : English and Spanish

Areas of expertise:

  • Business model definition
  • Reorganization, strategic alignment
  • Creativity, culture and tools
  • Real marketing for small business
  • Strategic planning
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective management
  • Strategic thinking

Santiago Carrillo


General Manager - Education First inc.

As General Manager, Mr. Carrillo drives the company’s growth strategy and oversees day to day operations including but not limited to finance, marketing, IT and human resources.

Mr. Carrillo has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, finance and technology in small and large international organizations.


Camila Grau


Assistant Manager- Education First inc.

She has a BBA in Management and International Business from Florida International University.   Camila has been part of the Edu1st team since 2009 and she is responsible for vendor relations, finances and accounting for all the Edu1st schools.    She centralizes administrative operations to control costs and create economies of scale.   She also leads the human resources area managing payroll and personnel benefits at the company.     Camila works closely with the Office Manager Team at the Edu1st schools giving them constant support and supervision.

She has received training in 21st Century Education and Thinking Routines and is also the mother of two children who attend the Edu1st schools.


Consuelo Mora


Marketing and PR - Education First inc.

Consuelo Mora is the Director of Marketing and PR at Education First Inc and its schools. In her role she has spearheaded events and campaigns to promote our company's vision of creating unique value for our customers, and the future generation. She currently is leading the evolution of the expansion and capabilities for deployment of our schools in other areas of South Florida through communications from offline channels such as direct mail to digital channels. She also does our Graphic design. Mrs. Mora has a BA in Industrial Design and an MBA in Business Manager from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Sao Paulo Brazil.

For over 10 years, she has held numerous positions in design and implementation of marketing strategies, creating and positioning of brands and business development. In which she has demonstrated and is known for maintaining a consistent focus on innovation. .




Katherine Leor


Digital Marketing - Education First inc.

She is in charge of the Digital Marketing department. She has a Bachelor degree in Marketing from "Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores De Monterrey" (ITESM).

She has a Certificate in Digital Marketing and Loyalty Marketing by Quaxar and ITESM USA. She also works on the development and maintenance of the Internet sites of the company .