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Leading Education for the 21st Century

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Bright Minds International Academy First Steps International Academy Pines West Academy VIP Kids Preschool Brickell International Academy
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Graduate's Reviews

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    Edu1st.Schools are top rated by parents

    5 Star Rating Reviews I have no words to describe how great this preschool is.

    This school is absolutely phenomenal!. My daughter went here to preschool. She is now in kindergarten and is placed in the first-grade class to read with them as she is an advanced reader and the school year is not even over. I was talking to a parent at my daughter's kindergarten class who shared with me that her own daughter told the mother that there are kids in her class who already know how to read. This happened at the beginning of the school year.

    After speaking to the kindergarten teacher she shared that PWA students are very well educated and are usually advanced by the time they get to kindergarten. The preparation and educational foundation laid at PWA is like no other. They encourage the students to critically think, assess and apply education to practical life skills which are used in everyday life. 


  • testimonial

    5 Star Rating Reviews Honor Roll Review.

    "So proud of Geraldyn, Ms. Gerly's daughter. Here is a letter she received from her Middle School Honor Roll Academic Achievement. Geraldyn's educational journey began here at our Pines West Academy Pre-school continued, with her wonderful parent's support, self-belief, loyalty, and persistence she has flourished in her academic success. She is a great example of Going Beyond and Delivering WOW! 😊👍😍" 


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    5 Star Rating Reviews Star Student of the Month.

    Bright Minds just wanted to share with you that Gabriel and Matatiah were both students of the month, a diploma that you are also part of for contributing so much to the education of our children.



    Just FYI on an academic program from Duke University that Solomon has been selected for because of his hard work and achievements academically


    Our son started Kindergarten this August after 4 years at Pines West Academy. My husband and I recently had our first parent-teacher conference and his teacher said, I quote "he came in here with ALL the fundamentals he needs to excel." Thank you to ALL at PWA for the preparation and great memories you've given him. 




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