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Leading Education for the 21st Century

Written Testimonials of our Training and Coaching

  • Ana María, Gilberto, Carlos and María: I have written my thoughts on what I felt, lived, learned and tried to internalize from a week we called INNOVATION. I take so much with me; I take with me that objectives must overcome the intellect and go through the social and the emotional, but mostly through the basic needs of those who follow us. I take with me that I must have a meaning in every scenario of my life… Meaning, when reviewing a curriculum, meaning before starting a class, when I face great challenges daily: educating students for the 21st Century. Meeting the needs of our students goes beyond the concrete and with that… we all show it in our prototypes. The process, even though it was intense, was an adventure, an adventure full of risks ... sometimes ambiguous, and other times with... “I have the answer!” although sometimes it was simply evidenced as: “No, I am wrong, it is a mistake”; but in the process of learning, or even better, the exploration, my professional language played me ticks, and my insights made me feel in the wrong place. I must say, there were mornings I said to myself “I am going to make it?” And yes, I did many things: Making thinking Visible of the process allowed me to see different points of view; empathizing, will be a tool to discover my teachers and my students beyond the obvious; decisions will have to go through the process of mistake and error, not to fall in failure. I managed to save some ideas to put next to my desk, like: "The best way to get good ideas is to have lots and discard the bad ones" LP. Personally, I managed to empathize, be in silence, listen, meet, learn, think and even drink a glass of wine with others. Going to Ana Maria’s VESS Schools and talking with the children, was energizing ... listening and then studying their responses to understand them, gave much sense to this week. And finally, presenting the prototype that could change the educational system in the world, make it more within what Ron R. called "ENCULTURATION"… Wow! It was the perfect closing to those five days with Carlos Osorio and his most faithful follower, Maria. And then, of course, sitting almost in the front row and listening to Ron Ritchhart, rethink and elaborate on what the VESS Culture means at our CGB. Ana Maria and Gilberto: thank you, thank you, thank you... Today I feel my life filled with a special energy ... I could fill 100 post its on what I still have to do and put them around my desk. Carlos and Maria ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ... I take with me what I learned and lived with you; your clarity, your leadership, your support, and even the distance you had to put between us to allow us BE at any challenge. May God bless you and allow that many prototypes are carried out from this experience. I remain available to be part of that project. A hug filled with all the peace and happiness and Merry Christmas.

    Beatriz Vergara (Colombia)

  • Dear Edu1st: I want to thank you for the opportunity of being a participant in such an important movement. Additionally, I would like to thank you for the impeccable feedback you gave me in regards to my work; valuing the effort I put forth in its construction. Lastly, I would like to recognize your immense gratitude when giving me the mentioned suggestions that add stepping stones to the moral and sensitive intellectual ascent through the challenge of living and transcending. I hope we meet soon to continue learning and to be able to share in detail the joy that I felt when receiving your analysis. Thank you.

    El Flamante Formador de Formadores de VESS I, Pablo Martín Barrabes.

  • No quiero perder el impulso de agradecerles el habernos entregado en estos tres días todos sus testimonios.... sus perlas y contagiarnos la fuerza del cambio!!! Gracias por entregarnos algunas herramientas valiosas para comenzar!!! Llevo mas o menos 15 años ejerciendo esta profesión, me fascina, sin embargo, ya hace unos cuantos me estaba empezando a incomodar y a no encontrarle mucho sentido a lo que estaba haciendo... Pero la verdad es que no sabia por donde empezar o que hacer para cambiarlo. Me siento afortunada de que muchas de las respuestas hayan llegado a mi puerta.... Me siento con una enorme responsabilidad de vivir este gran proceso de cambio y muy afortunada de ser parte de el. Me encantaría, mas adelante, poder ir a visitarlos para observar y conocer ¨in site¨ todo este estilo de vida, esta cultura......... Soy un poco ansiosa y me encanta empaparme de las cosas que me gustan y me hacen sentido! Nuevamente muchas gracias por todo.... Hasta pronto!!! Cariños"


    J. B. (Chile)

  • I have had great success working with Visible Thinking in 2K. The children's answers are more thoughtful, deeper, and demonstrate their learning more clearly. Our favourite routines are Circle of Viewpoint, and See, Think, Wonder. The children really enjoyed! It's excellent!

    Kathryn (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • Since completing the course and using Visible Thinking strategies such as I see I think I wonder in my class I have noticed my students are asking more meaningful questions and becoming more involved in investigations. Additionally, instead of just telling me what they think about an idea, they are having a go at explaining what makes them think that! The children love the opportunity to express their thoughts and are thriving on the opportunity to share "how they think" with their classmates. The children and I are having a richer learning experience and the children are loving the opportunity to teach each other (and me!).

    Suzanne (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • In Year 5 we used a “core” thinking routine “I see, I think, I wonder” to get the most out of a sketch. The children were beginning a unit of work on narrative poetry and were about to read Alfred Noyes’ wonderful classic The Highwayman. In preparation they were shown a sketch of a man on a horse and were encouraged to say what they saw, what they thought and what they wondered about the picture. The routine encouraged the children to engage fully with the picture and their rich and varied responses showed that that is just what they did. Why not try it yourself?

    Geoff (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • "Visible thinking has helped me better understand my children´s thought processes and discover their misconceptions, prior knowledge, reasoning ability and understanding. We have had some in depth discussions (led by the children) and I have been amazed by their thought processes and how astute their comments have been.

    Louise (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • I have no words to describe how great this preschool is. It's beyond great! The teachers and staff are loving, caring, and so well prepared. My son and daughter are in the best hands they could be. They are having lots of fun and at the same time they are learning through an amazing thinking-based curriculum.

    Juan Perez (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • Well all I can say is that the VISIBLE THINKING course has changed how I view children and their thinking. Before the course I had tried some of the VISIBLE THINKING ROUTINES in my class but now knowing the background to them, I have realised that they invaluable for preparing our children for an uncertain future, where they will need these thinking skills to cope and a fast paced and rapidly changing world. It also confirmed that when given the chance children make astute observations that will often surprise adults and it gives every child a chance to succeed and share their point of view –every voice is heard!! One thing I really did take away from the course is that even as educators we are constantly learning, evolving and being challenged to re-think our practices to make them even more relevant to the learners of today. I am thankful for the opportunity for being able to attend such a worthwhile and valuable course.

    Jackie (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • I am trying to implement Thinking Routines [...] children are more confident to share their questions and opinions, and they put more effort into their work when working with the teacher. Visible Thinking has also enriched their personal experiences with art, as it allows them to work on individual creation more often, and to apply the knowledge in their own approaches to art. We have time to finish a quality art piece, and we also have much more time for discussion. My smartboard presentations are easier to make, as they are less content-based, and I can fit more images to actually observe and discuss with students, which is very useful, as it helps them develop art appreciation skills. Iam happy to report great changes in the Art department!

    Camila (Colegio Gran Bretana)

  • Dear Ana Maria: Just a quick note to say thank you for an amazing workshop. It has really inspired me and I have already planned in a routine to try in class tomorrow. I didn't think it was possible to manage to change the thinking of a group of people so drastically in such a short space of time! It has given all of us so much to think about, and I have no doubt that the benefits to our children will be evident very soon! Thank you and please come back to see how we are getting on next time you are nearby!

    Jenna Colbourne

  • During the training I experienced how being concious and aware about the thinking tools generates changes in people; in the way they see things, how they relate with the world around them, making them more flexible and respectful about their environment. It definitely prepares the human being of the future.

    Siegrid Mino

  • Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing seminar. It really inspired me and I have already planned a routine test in class tomorrow. I thought it was not possible to change the thinking of a group of people so dramatically in such a short period of time! That has given me so much thought, and I have no doubt that the benefits to our children will be apparent very soon!

    Jenna Colbourne

  • The Institute exceeded my expectations, I came to understand and learn how to use the thinking routines

    Anabella Juarez (Instituto Integral del sud)

  • Excited, happy and eager to modify my personal and professional life with this open and meaningful position

    Graciela Frattini (Instituto Integral del sud)

  • Again, thank you very much for this unique experience, allowing me to relive my passion for teaching.

    Jorgelina Tula (Integral del sud)

  • Exceeded my expectations, I congratulate Ana Maria and Gilberto for what they have accomplished betting innovative ideas in education and especially in early childhood. THANKS!

    Gonard Marite (Jardín Puerto Infancia)

  • Very interesting to hear and learn about new methods and strategies to apply not only in education but also very useful in our daily life.

    Teresa Ferrandez (Jardín Puerto Infancia)

  • I loved what I saw in the classroom with children, expressions of taste, wonder, happiness through techniques. I would love to see the incorporation of physical activities.

    Yamel Aarun

  • I was intrigued and aroused my curiosity in exploring the topic. I take a well-mobilized mind. It exceeded expectations. I hope to see you soon. Thank you for being so generous in sharing all of this.

    Maria Fernanda Gomez

  • Excellent presentation, I would like to recommend it to a friend and colleague.

    Andrea Guevara (Gimnasio Internacional educar)

  • It was for me an unforgettable life experience

    Guillermina (Colegio Patris)

  • Una excelente invitación al cambio, a seguir aprendiendo, a abrir la mente

    In English: "An excellent invitation to change, to keep learning, to open the mind"

    Susana Gomez (Eccleston Argentina)

  • Very glad I had the opportunity to meet Edu1st, it enriched me as a teacher and a person, made me think of my work as a teacher here and as a mother, I am so excited.

    Magdalena Martinez (Patris)

  • Amazing training, Very interesting information that you can apply in a classroom and in your everyday life.

    Rebeca Benarroch (Ecobabies)

  • Excellent coaching, Dynamic, extremely interesting, useful, what I was looking for my children in the kindergarden

    Natalia Martinire *(Patris)

  • Very interested in continuing learning, very happy with the experience from the personal and the professional

    Brenda Sally Williams (Northfield Argentia)

  • I'm excited about so many questions, willing to learn and live this great challenge.

    Florencia Merr. (Northfield)

  • It was a pleasure to share and learn about Edu1st, my desire to encourage and help me grow as a person and as a professional. thanks

    Cristina Schneider, (Northfield)

  • I was amazing experience as a parents training. I learned that I can use thinking tools anywhere. Thank you for the invitation.

    Cristina Schneider, (Northfield)

  • The subject of these lines is to give THANKS again! The experience we had yesterday at the Education Congress in Pilar undoubtedly made ​​us think about our public schools. I'm really touched and would like to keep in touch to receive news and learn more about this movement. A big hug!

    Vanesa Crivello, (Trabajadora Social de la Escuela de Educación Especial N° 504 Del Viso y Escuela Primaria N° 14 de Villa Rosa)

  • Teachers have been very encouraged by providing many ideas, seems to have given them an extra engine for the energy they have. I wanted to tell you because you are already part of this family, you know us and accompany us in all our projects. I take this opportunity to thank you again for what you have given us this year in the courses, was very moving for all of us and very exciting to watch. THANKS!! You have a wonderful talent!. A huge hug! with all my love!

    Chary Moore, (Argentina)

  • I have been a preschool teacher for over 25 years. I have used many of the Florida approved curriculums but firmly believe that the Edu1st VESS curriculum has all the tools to prepare preschoolers for a lifetime of learning. Thinking dispositions where young children are challenged and stimulated to critically, creatively and analytically think and where positive behaviors are reinforced daily is very crucial. I've worked with the "Vess curriculum" for over five years and have personally witnessed the changes in all the ages. Children showing autonomy daily, toddlers and twos are using and understanding the thinking language, three year olds are getting better at organizing their thoughts and being able to compare and contrast and the fours and fives are creatively thinking outside the box, articulating their thoughts and inquiring daily with so many questions. I am proud to be a pioneer in the Edu1st VESS program preparing children to be ready for the 21st century. I highly recommend this curriculum for any preschool worldwide.

    Teri Sousa, (Pines West Academy)

  • Honestly I wanted to write these simple lines to say Thank you for something I thought it was not going to happen at this point in my career. I participated in this project with low expectations believing it would be one course more, but quickly I've become passionate and I was really impressed with the results that I was obtaining in the classroom daily. This is a plus that transformed not only my professional growth but also my personal growth. Having been selected for the Athenaeum fills me with joy but mostly it fills me with pride for being able to share this experience with my friends

    Gabriela C. (Argentina)

  • It is a real pleasure to be part of this project hand to hand with Grilli & Edu1st ... a pleasure and pride that fills my soul, that comforts me, and makes me feel once again that I have chosen the right path, the one of my real vocation. Thank you, infinite thanks for selecting me for such an important event ... and let´s change the world! We can do it together!

    Sol V. (Argentina)

  • My reflections on visible thinking during this school year, where we have implemented different strategies have been positive during the teaching-learning process. I have managed to deepen and go beyond encouraging critical thinking, understanding and learning a huge language enrichment .The way how children reflect, discuss, debate, argue, discuss taking them to agreements and disagreements, solving problems and fostering learning and teamwork, it's awesome! The more we approach deep thinking we are making a non-superficial learning. Giving a child the opportunity to be able to express their thoughts, to learn to ask questions, to learn to be a good observer and to be able to make a self-analysis, to be able to learn according to their interests through the use of strategies to empower ownership of each of the strategies, the results lead us through our lives knowing how to use of thinking tools and make learning experiences durable over time. The point is to ensure a higher level of understanding and less memory. The strategies are the routes to this, we offer a guide to delve into the information processing.

    Ms. Laly (Colombia)

  • Ana Maria and Gilberto, it was great having you with us, sharing your experiences with our Elementary teachers. Thank you for giving us a wonderful learning experience which I hope will extend into the classroom and ultimately have a positive impact on our students' learning process. Best regards

    Dr. Hectalina Donado (Colombia)

  • Hi! Promise is debt, and I am deeply committed for all your dedication and commitment that we received these days. The effort has its merit, I am sure that life gives you in return, many smiles for all the good you deliver. If I should add the things that I am thankful this year, these two days were definitely a gift from the Universe (and the universe is expanding!!). I admit that within the space of training I was interpreted in many things I've been doing as teacher in every challenge I've ever taken. I felt so much as part as the course that even I was completing the sentences of the mentors!

    Daniel Pérez (Chile)

  • It has been an interesting, practical and highly recommendable course.

    Lara (Spain)

  • At first I thought the course was only about thinking routines, and it was very gratifying to see that the course was related to all the subjects mentioned before. I found it very interesting. It made me remember some things and expand my knowledge of others. I keep thinking about what we learned and putting into practice. Very, very interesting course, both in content and in the way it was connected. I was very fortunate to attend.

    Elvira (Spain)

  • For me this course went beyond learning some new to teaching strategies for my class; it has changed something in me, I feel very excited and I notice myself more positive and energetic with my students. I am transferring these feelings to them too. I loved this training and I hope to be able to put in practice everything I learned and still have the opportunity to attend more courses with Ana Maria and Gilberto. Thank you for everything.

    Charo (Spain)

  • Strongly recommended for several reasons: it opens our mind, raises the expectations of possibilities for us as teachers and for our students; gives us new strategies that connect with the needs of both students and parents, helps us make the thinking process visible.

    Asunción (Spain)

  • For me it is highly recommended because it gives you many strategies to improve our students’. It is also important to develop the ability to handle all information to which our students have access.

    Pedro (Spain)

  • "VESS and its organization are a true role model to enhance our role as educators - facilitators and to teach our students to succeed in their lives.

    Luisa (Spain)

  • It was a very rich experience in a personal level and is a real challenge to be a VESS1 teacher trainer.

    Belén (Spain)

  • Personally I would recommend it to everyone because you completely change your outlook on education and comprehend and understand students.

    Cristina (Spain)

  • The workshop not only made me make a reflection about education, but also allowed me to grow as a person, as a mother, as a leader. Absolutely inspiring.

    Giovana (Colombia)

  • I found it really useful, giving visible results in students since childhood. It was fantastic to listen and learn from you as it seemed easy to implement several routines from day 1.

    Yolanda (Spain)

  • Si de verdad queremos formar parte, como docentes, de caminar hacia una cultura pensante, hagamos el pensamiento visible. Facilitemos destrezas, competencias,...y sorprendámonos con nuestros alumnos.

    In English:"If you really want to be part, as teachers, walking towards a thinking culture, make thinking visible. We facilitate skills, competencies, ... and sorprendámonos with our students."

    Reme (Spain)

  • I would like to continue to be in touch and receive information. For me it was an unforgettable life experience

    Guillermina (Argentina)

  • An excellent invitation to change, to keep learning, to open the mind...

    Susana (Argentina)

  • Very glad I had the opportunity to meet Edu1st, it enriched me as a teacher and person, made me think of my work as a teacher here and as a mother, I am so exhited.

    Magdalena (Argentina)

  • Amazing training. Very interesting information that you can apply in a classroom, and in your everyday life.

    Rebeca (USA)

  • Excellent, catching, dynamic, extremely interesting, useful. What I was looking for my children in the kindergarten.

    Natalia (Argentina)

  • Very exhited to live this challenge.

    Florencia (Argentina)

  • It was a pleasure to share and learn about Edu1st, my desire to encourage and help me grow as a person and as a professional. Thank you!.

    Cristina (Argentina)

  • My life purposes were unified and my future actions multiplied. Thank you for your social work.

    Maria Susana(Argentina)

  • The institute exceeded my expectations, now I can understand and comprehend the thinking routines, and hopefully to achieve the necessary connection.

    Anabella (Argentina)

  • Thank you very much for this unique experience, allowing me to relive my passion for teaching.

    Jorgelina (Argentina)

  • It exceeded my expectations. I congratulate Ana Maria and Gilberto for what they have achieved by providing innovative ideas in education and especially in early childhood. Thank you!

    Gonabd (Argentina)

  • Very interesting to hear and learn about new methods and strategies to study not only in education but also very useful in daily life

    Teresa (Argentina)

  • I was intrigued and aroused curiosity in exploring the topic. I take a well-mobilized mind. It exceeded expectations. I hope to see you soon. Thank you for being so generous in sharing all this.

    Ma. Fernanda (Argentina)

  • From the first to the last word trainers shared with us, they have caused a great impact on the way I now understand both life and my career. They have succeeded even further reaffirming my vocation as a teacher and I am looking forward to carrying it out in my classes, being aware of the difficulties we will find but also that of them will learn even more.

    Arancha Galvete Roca (Spain)

  • I am infinitely grateful to the organization for generating learning spaces like this. I want to especially mention Ana Maria Fernandez by the passion with which she conveys her knowledge and the respect she shows for children and the development of each individual as unique. I would also like to thank Ana Maria Conde and Natalia for constantly demonstrating his concern to the teachers who attended the course from Peru. This experience has been renovating and allowed us to take a lot of information, but above all the desire to live a culture of thinking.

    Pilar Oliva (Perú)

  • I think this is a course that every teacher who is interested in the development of thinking of their students can take advantage from the zero minute. That's what happened to me: I enjoyed it fully and am very glad I spent that time training in something that is already bearing fruit. Thank you very much Ana Maria and Gilberto for your passion and your enthusiasm.

    María Barberis

  • I highly recommend this workshop and I appreciate being part of it. The amount of things learned had so much impact both personally and professionally. I am very happy with what I lived !!!


  • Thank you for the opportunity to grow, for the commitment, dedication and respect for the education of each of our children. Regards!!

    Melina Peccetto

  • It was a pleasure to be part of the Ateneo and a pleasure to share the days with professionals who speak our same language and with the same objectives. Thank you for this opportunity! ​


  • Dear Ana Maria:
    I’m sending you this email to say hi, and to let you know that until today I have managed to take a moment to write you. I wanted to take a special moment to thank you with all my heart the amazing opportunity you gave me.
    From the visit, I can tell you that my husband and I are fascinated with each of your centers. As I mentioned to the Principals, it is admirable to watch the professional and beautiful work that they do, you can see the deep love for children, the commitment to teach and the work spirit in each one of the people that work there. The children really do look happy!!!
    On the other hand, I want to tell you that as a mom and a professional, this visit left me totally excited and it reaffirmed the idea of how lucky I am, because I’m able to work with our children. Thinking in them and in the duty of a job well done, I would love to keep specializing in the VESS Model, with the purpose of developing a Culture of Thinking in our center.
    Since this project is still in a developing stage in Chile, I was talking to some of the Principals and they told me about the possibility of doing an internship in one of their centers. I would like to ask you if this is actually possible, taking into account the times and requirements that you need. My idea, if this is possible, is that this internship could be an advantage for you as well. Dear Ana Maria, I want to thank you again and your teachers, but especially to the children for receiving us in their classrooms with so much love.
    Have a great week and we will be in touch. ​

    Magdalena Naudon Dell’Oro - Las Hualtatas Preschool

  • Beatriz
  • Pablo
  • J. B.
  • Kathryn
  • Suzanne
  • Geoff
  • Louise
  • Juan
  • Jackie
  • Camila
  • Jenna
  • Siegrid
  • Jenna
  • Anabella
  • Graciela
  • Jorgelina
  • Gonard
  • Teresa
  • Yamel
  • Maria
  • Andrea
  • Guillermina
  • Susana
  • Magdalena
  • Rebeca
  • Natalia
  • Brenda
  • Florencia
  • Cristina
  • Luz
  • Vanesa
  • Chary
  • Teri
  • Gabriela
  • Sol V.
  • Ms. Laly
  • Dr. Hectalina
  • Daniel
  • Lara
  • Elvira
  • Charo
  • Asunción
  • Pedro
  • Luisa
  • Belén
  • Cristina
  • Giovana
  • Yolanda
  • Reme
  • Guillermina
  • Susana
  • Magdalena
  • Rebeca
  • Natalia
  • Florencia
  • Cristina
  • Maria Susana
  • Anabella
  • Jorgelina
  • Gonabd
  • Teresa
  • Ma. Fernanda
  • Arancha
  • Pilar
  • Maria
  • Laurra
  • Melina
  • Laly
  • Magdalena


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