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  • Edu1st is a company committed to the belief that young children are capable of powerful analytical, critical, and autonomous thinking.
  • In Edu1st, we are in constant search, study, and integration of the best and most revolutionary approaches to education in order to construct a model that takes into account all the needs and skills sets necessary for the 21st century learner.
  • Not only are students learning, they are becoming active protagonists in the construction of their knowledge. Teachers act as facilitators, researchers and learners too, they need to be trained and learn to ask questions that facilitate learning, instead of giving answers and expecting memorization. Children are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions, and voices freely, they learn to listen and find the value in the ideas of others as well.
  • We take into account the numerous studies performed by neurologists, psychologists, and educators about ¨Learning and the Brain¨. We have combined our own investigations, experience, and studies, to develop a curriculum dedicated to the elaboration and fostering of thinking and cultures of thinking. This curriculum is the VESS Model - which stands for the words that in English translate to: ¨Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom¨
  • As educators in a modern world, at Edu1st, we believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is instilling in our students a balanced approach to their life. An approach were each individual uses his or her own wisdom and intelligence to give greater meaning to learning and to the things they do. This approach is conductive to our ultimate goal of equipping our students with the necessary tools to lead a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom, a VESS life
  • Edu1st is a cutting edge educational organization committed to the creation of cultures of thinking around the world. As educators, we believe that we have the unique ability and responsibility to help others discover their potentials and find their paths toward lives of balance, meaning, and wisdom. Through this believe, we have coached and trained over 7.000 people around the world on our VESS philosophy
  • Our newest educational tool; is our Edu1st VESS Platform; which it is a technological support platform, designed and developed in order to provide teachers with access to a large number of resources and tools that facilitate their work. It will also support and assist in the implementation of different strategies and methods to promote a culture of learning and an institutional thinking. At the same time, the portal makes it easier share experiences and knowledge about implementing the Edu1st VESS Educational Model within VESS School Network.
  • Do you want to be part of our Community? Do you want to become a VESS Center? Do you want to learn and grow with us? Contact us!