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Leading Education for the 21st Century


  • We understand the difficulties of being parents in this century and promote a partnership with you
  • Our environment makes everyone feel at home
  • You have Free conferences, free babysitting, ongoing activities, volunteers program
  • You always know what is going on. Communication is a priority for us!
  • You are always welcome to stay and participate in our daily activities
  • We challenge your children to discover themselves and the world around them
  • Every child is the main protagonist in the construction of meaning
  • Teachers are the facilitators to set up provocative experiences that will ensure every child's engagement
  • Children are the protagonists in the construction of meaning
  • We promote experiences that transcend the classroom
  • Edu1st.Schools employ loving teachers who have a degree in Education and have credentials in Early Childhood Education
  • All teachers and assistants are specifically trained in our Edu1st.Curriculum
  • Our staff believes that making a difference in young children's lives is possible through loving, nurturing, challenging and provocative experiences
  • We have a bilingual team of teachers
  • Everyone understands your child's happiness is first
  • Teachers are creative, loving and experienced in promoting a fun approach to exploring and learning
  • Our schools follow a Revolutionary Bilingual Curriculum created for the 21st century
  • Our goal is to promote intellectual, social, and moral autonomy in children
  • Our Curriculum integrates the best teaching philosophies and practices from around the world
  • We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education
  • Our schools offer an individualized inquire-based program where all developmental areas are integrated.
  • Our Curriculum has been carefully crafted and provides a structured educational environment where the child's psychological, emotional & physical safety is first!
  • Our professional staff, children and parents, work together in Creating a Culture of Learning for the 21st Century
  • Edu1st.Team goes beyond the schools integrating the community by integrating the community through:
    • Monthly Free conferences for all parents in the community
    • Free conferences for Public school teachers
    • Each Edu1st.school adopts a family in need and helps them through-out the year
    • We share our expertise at international and national conferences
    • Edu1st is commited to making a difference in Early Childhood Education and has started a movement of change around the World!
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