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Leading Education for the 21st Century


Edu1st.Consulting - Ana Maria Fernandez

Ana Maria Fernandez

CEO & President - Education First inc.

Ana Maria Fernandez, has a BS in Early childhood Education and a M.Ed.  on International and Overseas School Administration. She has worked in education for 18 years; founded CGB, The British School, int’l school in Colombia, following the British National Curriculum with the IB Diploma

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Edu1st - Gilberto Pinzon

Gilberto Pinzon

Vice president - Education First Inc.

Gilberto successfully set up and operated his own Education Service business in USA. He has led the organization to a 25% growth per year which positioned Education First Inc. as the 43rd fastest growing educational organization in the United Estates during the decade 2000-2010.

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Edu1st - Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

General Manager - Education First inc.

As General Manager, Mr. Carrillo drives the company’s growth strategy and oversees day to day operations including but not limited to finance, marketing, IT and human resources. 

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Edu1st - Camila Grau

Camila Grau

Assistant Manager- Education First inc.

She has a BBA in Management and International Business from Florida International University.   Camila has been part of the Edu1st team since 2009 and she is responsible for vendor relations, finances and accounting for all the Edu1st schools.    She centralizes administrative operations to control costs and create economies of scale. 

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Edu1st - Consuelo Mora

Consuelo Mora

Marketing and PR - Education First inc.

Consuelo Mora is the Director of Marketing and PR at Education First Inc and its schools. In her role she has spearheaded events and campaigns to promote our company's vision of creating unique value for our customers, and the future generation.

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Edu1st - Katy Leor

Katherine Leor

Digital Marketing - Education First inc.

She is in charge of the Digital Marketing department. She has a Bachelor degree in Marketing from "Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores De Monterrey" (ITESM).

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VESS Coach & Instructor - Edu1st Services Manager - Colombia

Ana María has been part of Edu1st's team since the beginning of 2016. At a very young age she began teaching "thinking tools", such as the Theory of Constraints for Education tools. In 2009 she trained all of our staff in problem solving, communication and decision making tools. Additionally, she continues to volunteer and supports organizations such as the Odyssey Program, which aims to impact people's quality of life.

Ana Maria is an Edu1st coach and instructor and our representative in Colombia, She is in charge of the expansion in this country . She is from Bogota, Colombia and studies anthropology in the Universidad del Rosario.



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Edu1st Consulting

Wellness Program Coordinator - Edu1st

Natalia Pinzon has been a Registered Dietitian for 5 years and a nutritionist at heart for as long as she can remember. She completed her studies at Cornell University, where she discovered her love for preventative nutrition and wellness.

Later, she trained and specialized in pediatric renal nutrition while working at Jackson Memorial Hospital's pediatric dialysis center, allowing her to understand childhood nutrition and how to help children eat healthy in an enjoyable way.

She joined Edu1st in 2015 as the leader of our Wellness Program, which concentrates in promoting health and well-being in our entire Edu1st community.



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Edu1st Consulting

Chief Executive Officer - Edu1st

Ximena is an Industrial Engineer of the Universidad Catolica de Chile, who has dedicated her career to education using her skills in project development to ensure organizations achieve their objectives in line with their values and mission.

For the first six years of her career she worked at DUOC, the largest technical/vocational institute of Chile holding various positions. Starting as the Assistant to the President, who her work included handling the relationship with the government in issues pertaining to education. She was later the youngest Academic Director of the School of Engineering of the largest and fastest growing branch of DUOC (over 11,000 students), and then its Student Affairs Director.

Ximena assumed as CEO of Educations 1st in October 2017.


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Gilberto Pinzon

Vice president - Education First Inc.

He is Maxillofacial Surgeon and University Professor. Gilberto has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration MBA from American Intercontinental University, AIU in Florida.

Gilberto is the co- founder of Education First Inc. with headquarters in South Florida, United States. This organization operates 5 schools in South Florida.

Gilberto also participates in the development of educational programs and methodologies used by educational centers in USA, South America and Europe to promote thinking skills and dispositions, and habits of mind.

His leadership in the design and execution of Education First Inc.’s strategic plan has positioned the company in place no. 43 of the fastest growing companies in the education field in the United States in the decade of 2000 to 2010.

Gilberto is a certified international instructor in Parallel Thinking by the The DeBono Group USA. He is also certified in Thinking Maps by TM Inc. USA.

As an international speaker and lecturer, he has presented his work in several conferences across the world. Some of those conferences are: International Conference on Thinking, ICOT in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009, Belfast, Ireland in 2011, and Wellington, New Zealand in 2013. He has also participated in the Latin America Heads Conference LAHC in Bogota, Colombia in 2009, Bogota 2010, Lima 2011, and Santiago 2012; and lastly the Leadership Forum in Galicia, Spain 2014.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Skills for the 21st Century
  • Cultures of Learning and Thinking
  • Brain, Mind and Education
  • Visible Thinking
  • Theory of Constraints TOC
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Thinking.



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Finance and HR Director - Education First inc.

She has a BBA in Management and International Business from Florida International University. Camila has been part of the Edu1st team since 2009 and she is responsible for vendor relations, finances and accounting for all the Edu1st schools. She centralizes administrative operations to control costs and create economies of scale. She also leads the human resources area managing payroll and personnel benefits at the company. Camila works closely with the Office Manager Team at the Edu1st schools giving them constant support and supervision.

She has received training in 21st Century Education and Thinking Routines and is also the mother of two children who attend the Edu1st schools.


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