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Leading Education for the 21st Century


  • Annual Membership fees starting at $150 for schools up to 100 students
  • Application for accreditation fee, $900
  • Verification Fees, $400
  • Annual accreditation renewall fee, $100

For a complete listing on Accreditation Fees and to sign up please visit the link below:


Benefits of being accredited by Edu1st VESS Accreditation Program
    • Schools seeking Edu1st VESS Accreditation will receive an Edu1st VESS International Accreditation certificate
    • Be part of an international network of schools with a vanguard program that advocates for a better education for our children and is striving to create a culture of thinking internationally.
    • Create a culture of learning and thinking with appropriate administrative practices to become a 21st century school.
    • Implement a dynamic system to improve and keep growing in your school

Stage 4
Maintenance of Accreditation:
  • School must keep their culture of thinking alive and in a dynamic growth.
  • School must document progress in annual reports sent to Edu1st.Accreditation with the annual renewal fee.
  • Schools must maintain all accreditation standards.
  • Schools must keep their Edu1st.membership active.
Stage 3
Verification Visit
  • After a maximum of one year in the implementation process, Edu1st.accreditation verifier will do an onsite visit to corroborate that the candidate school is in fact in compliance with Edu1st.accreditation criteria.
  • All the verification visits are funded entirely by the candidate school.
  • The verifier visits the school during operations.
  • The verifier interviews teachers and members of the school.
  • The verifier writes a report for each section of the self-assessment.
  • The verifier compiled its findings in a report.
  • The verifier writes a report of findings and recommendations.
  • The verifier meets with the school personnel responsible for the process to summarize the conclusions of the evaluation.
Stage 2
Implementation Period
  • After the self assessment process, candidate schools have identified their goals, priorities and resources to become accredited.
  • Candidate schools are in agreement with Edu1st.philosophy and understand the importance of incorporating fundamental Edu1st.practices to assure a healthy thinking culture at their schools.
  • Edu1st.accreditation respects all programs and curriculums and it is not its intention to impose a specific program. The recommendations and fundamental philosophy are to be combined with other practices as long as there is evidence of Edu1st.principles around the school.
  • 50% of school staff has been trained and certified by Edu1st.Certification at level one
  • 2 members of the administration staff have been trained and certified by Edu1st.Certification at level 3
  • A consultation visit may be made upon request to offer additional guidance.
  • Implementation process should not last more than one year to complete.
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