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Leading Education for the 21st Century



CEO & President - Education First inc.

Ana Maria Fernandez, has a BS in Early childhood Education and a M.Ed.  on International and Overseas School Administration. She has worked in education for 18 years; founded CGB, The British School, int’l school in Colombia, following the British National Curriculum with the IB Diploma

For the past 11 years she has lead a group of 65 early childhood educators on the implementation and creation of a culture of thinking in four preschools in Broward County and CGB school in Colombia.

Ana Maria has dedicated her work to improve early childhood education through the design and implementation of the Thinking Based Education approach used from early childhood on.  Model designed by her, that is the result of a synergy of her own view of education with the latest methodologies of education for the 21st Century, among which are the Visible Thinking approach from Harvard University, The Theory of Constraint, the De Bono’s Lateral and Parallel Thinking strategies, Art Costa’s Habits of Mind, and Philosophy for Children approach among others.

She is a certified trainer for the De Bono Group on Six Thinking Hats and parallel Thinking. Has attended PZC at Harvard University and has served as an observer for WIDE World Spanish online courses.

She has presented her work in various international conferences, including the International Conference on Thinking ICOT held in 2009 in Malaysia, the 2010 and 2011 ASCD National conferences, 3 LAHC Latin American Heads Conferences, GISA annual conference in Atlanta, and Learning and the Brain annual conference in Boston, last November. She presented at the LAHC conference in Lima last May and will present 3 topics at the International Conference of Thinking to be held in Belfast next June.

Ana Maria also works as a consultant for schools and organizations interested in creating cultures of learning in their teams and leads various action researches at her schools.


Thank you for visiting our page.


My name is Ana María Fernández, I am in charge of Education First Inc.’s training program.

I will begin with a brief summary of who we are and subsequently will explain the type of training we offer and how you can access it.

With over twenty years of experience working in education, our organization owns four early education centers (1-12 years-old) in the state of Florida and two international schools in Bogotá, Colombia. For the last ten years, we have been creating cultures of thinking by using thinking as a pedagogic strategy beginning at infancy. We have our own team of trainers, we do consulting work for early education centers in Latin America and we offer courses both at our own facilities or at interested institutions.

Part of our philosophical foundation is the belief that in order to work with children, we first have to work with educators and help them find lifelong meaning to the work they do. We have found that when educators understand the impact their relationship has on a child’s mind and personality, as well as the undoubtable impact on the formation and transformation of cultures, a complete change occurs in their work with children and their families. We also understand that as educators we need concrete tools that help us bridge the gap between theory and action. Because of this, our training sessions give participants easy-to-use actions and concrete tools so they can return to their classrooms or place of work with a real and executable plan of action.

We offer one-week intensive courses in the state of Florida where we explain the entire theory behind Harvard University’s “Visible Thinking” program; we also share our experience and the results we have witnessed when thinking work begins during early childhood. As part of the course, participants visit four schools in the mornings to witness the theory in action; then in the afternoon, participants reinforce what they have learned at the schools with afternoon classes.

Some examples of the results we have observed over the years while working with thinking as a pedagogic strategy include:


  • Greater spontaneous child participation in all activities.
  • Increased group-work in children as well as teachers.
  • Children express themselves with increased ease, notably improving their oral language skills, their capacity to listen to others and their reading-writing skills.
  • Children are spontaneously using thinking competencies and habits of mind in their homes. This demonstrates transference of new knowledge from the classroom to other areas of the child’s personal life.
  • Parents have become more involved in their children’s education as the visible thinking program aids them in better understanding their child’s developmental process and becoming a part of it.
  • Teachers have expressed a radical change in how they perceive their jobs as educators. They are more professional in what they do and have found deeper meaning in their profession.

This is only a small selection of the many benefits that will be illustrated during training sessions. Educators have reported that results were seen shortly after implementing change.

We also offer courses in:

  • The latest advances in brain, mind and education
  • Cultures of Thinking
  • The use of conceptual maps during infancy
  • 21st century curriculum
  • Thinking as a pedagogic strategy
  • Habits of mind
  • The process and its impact on learning
  • And more. You can find more information by visiting our website.

Courses can take place at our facilities in Florida or we can arrange to teach them at a location of your choosing. When teaching outside of our facilities, we do so in a highly interactive fashion, using videos to facilitate comprehension of concepts. In-person courses include visits to our schools where you can witness the theory in practice.

We also offer online courses. Ideally, online courses should be taken after completing our in-person course.

Upcoming course dates and registration information can be found on our website.

For other courses or specific individual concerns that require coordination of a training session at your facility, please contact me directly at: [email protected]

We always enjoy connecting with people who work with children.

I look forward to receiving your comments or questions.

Once again, I thank you for your interest.

Ana Maria Fenandez


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