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Leading Education for the 21st Century


May is...
"Cancer Prevention" Month!


  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise
  • Eat PLENTY of fruits and vegetables
  • Get yearly screenings with your doctor
  • Don’t smoke 


Well1st Webinar: 
Preventing Cancer: Things You Didn't Know
    • What foods should you eat and avoid? • Do cell phones increase your risk? • How can you protect yourself when getting an xray? • Are all sunscreens created equal? Find out the answer to these questions and many more to help you and your family reduce your risk to the max!
English: Wednesday May 22nd - 9:00PM 
Español: Jueves Mayo 23 - 9:00pM 
“Wellness As Part of a Balanced Life”

Natalia Pinzon, RD

Dear Edu1st family,

We are very excited to announce the launch of Education First Inc.’s new wellness program, Well1st! Starting on August 2012, all members of the Edu1st family will enjoy the many benefits that a corporate wellness program brings.


  • In Edu1st, we care strongly about the health, wellbeing and happiness of every member of our family. We also believe that encouraging a balanced life with meaning and wisdom in our team is an important step towards extending these same values to the community and the world.
  • Wellness is the active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices that lead toward a longer and more successful life. Wellness emphasizes the whole individual, integrating the spirit, body and mind to help us become the best versions of ourselves. Achieving wellness is directly linked to the lifestyle and life choices we make. Each of us has the responsibility with ourselves and our community to pursue the essentials of good health: weight control, good nutrition, physical activity, friendly relationships, and emotional stability. A wellness program gives us the tools and encourages us to make the choices that lead to an overall state of wellbeing.
  • Most wellness programs only provide services for their employees. At Edu1st, we want our entire community to benefit from the Well1st program. We strongly encourage parents to participate and to promote the participation of their children.
  • Everyone! All Edu1st employees, parents and children can participate in Well1st’s services and activities.
  • Well1st will provide a variety of activities and services tailored to the needs and preferences of its members. These include: Well1st Theme of the Month:Fitness competitions and Activities, Free 30-minute Diet Analysis consultations, 1 hour Nutrition Consultations (Free for employees; 30% discount for parents) and On-site health screenings and risk assessments.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. Let us know of any topics of interest, concerns, or ideas that you have. As the Edu1st Wellness Program coordinator, I look forward to a fun and healthy year!


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