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Like most moms, I have done many things in life; studied, traveled, worked, got married and had a family. And to be honest, I thought that by having a family late in life I was more ready for all these affairs of being a mother, but I was wrong. One of the biggest challenges I had to face was to find a preschool for my 15 month old son.

I believed that choosing a school was a matter of doing some research with my friends, then online and finally visit the preschools. But contrary to what I had imagined, the more I asked and read about schools, the more challenging my quest turned out. First, the list of requirements I wanted from a preschool was getting longer and longer. Second, most of the schools I visited offered basically the same and third to my surprise, the curriculums were not really designed for the needs and challenges our children may face in this century.  So, How do I choose the best preschool for my child?.

My list of requirements included a happy, safe and nurturing environment, a clean and friendly place with degreed teachers. In addition, a school with a strong curriculum, that will be flexible enough to challenge my child but let him be himself. Also, I was looking for an education that would be in sync with my beliefs, and last but not least; since I am not sure what is coming into my son’s future, I wanted a preschool that could offer him the tools and the base to deal with challenging situations in life.